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We have a great new product to the market which is unrivaled in taste and quality. Why don’t you sell something that not only takes advantage of the impulse snacker but also creates a repeat customer. We are not in every shop yet so it’s the perfect opportunity to sell a product that customers will come specifically for. Don’t just take our word for it, just call some of our clients and see what they have to say.

We supply the product to wholesalers in the following sizes:

  • Box of 18 Small 60grams packet. Ideal for news agents, off-licence, pubs & hotels.
  • Box of 12 Medium 180 grams packet.  Ideal for deli shops, grocery stores off-licence, cinemas, pubs & hotels.
  • Box of 12 Large 300 grams packet. Ideal for deli shops and grocery stores.
  • Loose bags in various custom sizes. Ideal for functions/events, cinemas, pubs & hotels

To stock up contacts us today!

You can also choose a risk free trial through the Artisan Food Club.

Bars, Pubs and Hotels can contact Nibblers for orders directly.

Great Taste Award Winner 2013 Bombay Mix

Proud Winner of the Great Taste Award 2013