Rani’s Quality Mixture

Rani's Bombay Mix Spilt

Rani’s Mixture is basically what’s called  ‘Bombay Mix’ in the UK which is really just a mixture of spicy fried noodles mixed with various other ingredients. However, for the  Sri Lankans and the South Indians, the Bombay Mix that’s normally available in the shops is not the same thing they have. They have what is just called ‘Mixture’ and this is what Rani’s Quality Mixture is. We have also won the 2013 Great Taste Award and received one Gold Star which means the product has been described ‘virtually flawless’.

What is in it?

Rani’s Quality Mixture contains some of the finest exotic ingredients; these include peanuts, cashew nuts, cassava and fried curry leaves to delight your taste buds. We like to call them the Seven Wonders.

How is it made?

Rani’s Quality Mixture is  hand cooked using pure sunflower oil. We only cook in small batches to ensure quality is maintained. We don’t believe in doing things by halves. If something doesn’t look, taste and feel great in your mouth, then we just won’t make it.

Unlike many of the Bombay Mix you find in the supermarket, our mixture is fresh and simple. It does not contain any added preservatives or colouring and is suitable for vegetarians.

How good is it?

Whether you love Bombay Mix or not;  we are sure you would get fired up by the delicious tasting Rani’s Mixture has to offer. Try our mixture and you will sure become our fan. If you like your gourmet food then you will love our Gourmet Mix!

Where can I try it?

You can buy our product online on Amazon or use our store finder to locate your nearest stockist.

So what are you waiting for?